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joshbohde/Backbone-relational.git 6 years ago
joshbohde/acm_soda.git 8 years ago
joshbohde/applicative-redis.git 3 years ago
joshbohde/bingo-board.git 7 years ago
joshbohde/birdwatch.git Combinatory logic experiments 6 years ago
joshbohde/bluebird.git A Python client for Kestrel... 5 years ago
joshbohde/cascading-cassandra.git Modern Cassandra tap for Casca... 5 years ago
joshbohde/celery-haystack.git An app for integrating Celery... 6 years ago
joshbohde/classes.git 5 years ago
joshbohde/coffeeapp.git Coffee Script wrapper for... 7 years ago
joshbohde/django-backbone-example.git Sample application to show... 5 years ago
joshbohde/django-cafe.git Serve Coffeescript from your... 6 years ago
joshbohde/django-chargify.git Chargify Wrapper for the Djang... 7 years ago
joshbohde/django-clear-cache.git A simple Django management... 5 years ago
joshbohde/django-db-calculations.git In-database calculations for... 7 years ago
joshbohde/django-jenkins.git Plug and play continuous integ... 7 years ago
joshbohde/django-mingus.git a Django blog engine leveragin... 7 years ago
joshbohde/django-tastypie-nonrel.git An extension of django-tastypi... 6 years ago
joshbohde/django-tastypie.git Creating delicious APIs for... 5 years ago
joshbohde/elasticsearch-river-twitter.git Twitter River Plugin for Elast... 4 years ago
joshbohde/elm-rouge.git 4 years ago
joshbohde/etta.git A Clojure web spider 6 years ago
joshbohde/functional_python.git Experiments in Functional... 6 years ago
joshbohde/git-utils.git Tools for working with git... 4 years ago
joshbohde/hask-qc-concurrent.git 3 years ago
joshbohde/hdr-histogram.git 2 years ago
joshbohde/hyde.git Static website generator inspi... 7 years ago
joshbohde/joshbohde-event-notes.git Notes from the events I attend 5 years ago
joshbohde/ The code behind 3 months ago
joshbohde/logic-intro.git 6 years ago
joshbohde/megaminer-framework.git The game framework for megamin... 8 years ago
joshbohde/megaminer_web.git A web-based log distribution... 8 years ago
joshbohde/mondp.git A multi-objective evolutionary... 9 years ago
joshbohde/mop.git Control mopidy via web browser 4 years ago
joshbohde/mopidy-beets.git 2 years ago
joshbohde/mopidy-lux.git 4 years ago
joshbohde/mqtt2xbmc-notifications.git Subscribes to a MQTT topic... 4 years ago
joshbohde/nm-dispatch.git A user level network manager... 8 years ago
joshbohde/owntracks.git OwnTracks 4 years ago
joshbohde/peewee.git a small orm 6 years ago
joshbohde/py-statsd.git Python implementation of the... 5 years ago
joshbohde/python-usps.git A python wrapper to the USPS... 8 years ago
joshbohde/recipes.git My collection of recipes 4 years ago
joshbohde/restler.git REST client library for node.js 7 years ago
joshbohde/scikit-learn.git scikit-learn: machine learning... 6 years ago
joshbohde/seinfeld.git A standalone Seinfeld Calendar 7 years ago
joshbohde/staticgenerator.git StaticGenerator for Django 8 years ago
joshbohde/statsd.git A statsd client for Clojure 6 years ago
joshbohde/story-board.git Prototype of a Javascript... 7 years ago
joshbohde/streamie.git An extremely hackable full... 6 years ago
joshbohde/tastypie-example.git Tastypie example demonstrating... 6 years ago
joshbohde/tiny-rel.git A tiny relational algebra... 6 years ago
joshbohde/xbmc-notify-mqtt.git An XBMC addon to display notif... 4 years ago